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Anthropology Projects

Project | 01

Explored the exclusionary history and current reality of afro-descendants in Ecuador to argue that national identity is reliant on and is constituted by the very division that it attempts to overcome.

See complete publication here.

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Project | 02

Examined the local housing climate, the impact of housing on health, as well as challenges and opportunities to improve local housing.

Access the full publication along with supplementary resources here.

Project | 03
Beating the Odds: An Ethnographic Study of Women in Percussion

Analyzed perspectives of female percussionists within the predominantly male-dominated space of percussion.

Project | 04
Depression: A Disordered Interpretation​

Explored common conceptions and misconceptions regarding depression among American undergraduate students drawing comparisons to various cross-cultural perspectives on depression.

Project | 05

Conducted a review of culture-bound sicknesses using the Navajo Ghost Sickness as a case study. 

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